Hotels in Cochabamba

        Cochabamba Details

        Cochabamba is located in the fertile Kjocha-Pampa valley and was first settled in 1542 by Spanish colonizers. It has a mild climate, making it a pleasant city to visit at any time of the year. Cochabamba has an interesting history, including the story of the group of local women who fought the Spanish in the war for independence in 1812. The hill where the women fought the Spanish is a local monument named La Coronilla. Overlooking the city is El Cristo de la Condordia. This is a large statue of Jesus Christ similar to the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. If you visit this monument, be prepared for a spectacular view of the city.

        Other attractions to be found around Cochabamba are the Palacio Portales and the 16th century Cathedral. The Palacio Portales was originally built in 1915 for the tin baron Simon I. Patino. It is now used as an art museum. The Cathedral, built in 1571, contains many frescos and paintings. If you enjoy museums, the Museo Arqueologico and the Casa de la Cultura house a number of pre-Inca and colonial artifacts in addition to depicting the history of the area.
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