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Neum bears the distinction of being the only town in Bosnia and Herzegovina situated on the coast. It makes up for this by having an astonishing 24 kilometers of coastline to enjoy, all of it made up of white sandy beaches. And that is the key reason why so many people choose to go to the town. There are many budget hotels in Neum to cater for tourists, so whatever type of accommodation you are looking for you should be able to find it here.As well as spending lots of time on the beaches, where sun bathing, swimming, walking, and water-sports are all popular activities, the town is also surrounded by hills which are great for walking. The long, warm summers attract people here all summer long, and at only 80 kilometers from Dubrovnik Airport it is easily accessible. Depending on the time of year you stay in one of the discount hotels in Neum, you may be able to enjoy the annual Etnofest Neum music festival.