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      The Republika Srpsks in Bosnia and Herzegovina is made up of mostly Muslim, Bosnian Croat and Bosnian Serb nationalities. The major religions practiced in the region are Muslim, Orthodox, and Catholic, Protestant and Judaism. The languages spoken in Republika Srpska are Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. In spite of the war that overtook the Balkan region in the 1990s, this area is flourishing in lush landscapes and mountains that entice visitors to walk along with nature for a while.In addition to Republika Srpskas beautiful landscape there are fortresses that one can visit, and mosques that date back hundreds of years. There are magnificent catholic shrines and serine monasteries also. The most renowned attraction, however, is the Ottoman Bridge. This bridge has been reconstructed as a symbol of remembrance of the past, and a newly found hope for the future of a country that has been given a new beginning.