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Banja Luka is a beautiful city in the republic of Srpska, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the administrative capital of Srpska and also the 2nd largest city in the country. The city was on a trade route used by the Romans and they built a fortress here to protect their interests. The city sits amongst a superb countryside of rolling hills and the river Vrbas meanders peacefully through the city having expelled its energy through the waterfalls and rapids on its journey down from the hills. You can book into one of the discount hotels in Banja Luka from whence you can tour the region to experience all it has to offer.Along the banks of the Vrbas, just outside Banja Luke you will find the Tvrdaca Kastel, a castle, originally of Roman origins, but expanded during the Ottoman dynasty and much of which is still intact and in use today. Mlaaden Stojanovic Park is a lovely place to relax, take a pleasant walk and have a game of tennis. Its a great place for mixing with the locals. There is also an excellent traffic free shopping centre in Gospodska Ulic the main high street. By booking into one of the budget hotels in Banja Luka you can visit the many monasteries in the region, take in Banja Lake, and enjoy the spa waters in the nearby town of Slatina.