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                Morro de São Paulo is on the north side of the Bahian Island in Brazil, and started out as a village in 1535. The island has a long colonial history, and many of its monuments bear testament to the fact that for many years the village of Morro de São Paulo was an important place. If you visit this part of Brazil, then you should see the Fonte Grande or big fountain, which was constructed in 1746. As the village grew, it grew around the fountain. Also well worth a visit is the N. Sra da Luz church, which was completed in 1845 and contains 17th and 18th Century relics, as well as the baroque style altars and images. Go and see the lighthouse, built in the mid-nineteenth century, and the 17th Century fortress which nowadays is protected by something called the National Historical Patrimony.There are plenty of bars and restaurants in this part of Brazil, some on the beach and some down in the town, varying from those selling local fare, to Japanese food and to Pizza places. Flights go direct to Salvador and from there you can take another flight on to the island and the town of Morro de São Paulo. If this is your first trip, then why not book everything, including your hotel in Morro de São Paulo with There is a range of accommodation on the island, from opulent hotel suites to even some cheap hotels.