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      Mercado Modelo Details

      Shopping is a fun way to explore the things to do in Salvador. Tourism is all about buying some local items at a great shopping center like Mercado Modelo. Salvador attractions are not limited to the great sights of Salvador, but also include places like Mercado Modelo. You will want to be sure to stop by this shopping center when taking in the activities in Salvador.Mercado Modelo is a street market where some amazing local items and unique gifts can be found. It is loaded with shops selling things like berimbaus, baiana dolls and local art. In the area there are also a lot of restaurants that serve mouth watering foods. Mercado Modelo is located in the area of an old custom building that was also a slave house. The actually building burnt down in 1984 and was rebuilt as it is today. This is a great place to get a bargain and not have to hassle with pushy salespeople. You will find it is laid back, just in true Brazilian style.

      Address: Villa Española, Montevideo, Uruguay