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            Fortaleza tourism is chock full of things to do in Fortaleza. You want to be sure that you take in as many sights of Fortaleza as possible on your visit. You want to be able to enjoy all the activities in Fortaleza and not miss out simply because you didn't know a Fortaleza attraction existed or how to get there. To avoid problems like that you can take one of the many bus tours available throughout the city. A bus tour is a great way to make sure that you see everything Fortaleza has to offer.There are many options in bus tours in Fortaleza. Usually, though, they all offer the same basic service. They allow you to tour Fortaleza easily. You will be able to explore the beaches, see the museums and you may even learn about something new. These bus tours are usually guided and you will be open to a lot of great information from the tour operator. The bus tours are quite an enjoyable experience and a great way to see the city.