Hotels in Praia da Coponga Beach

            Praia da Coponga Beach Details

            Brazil is well known for its beautiful beaches. Praia da Coponga is a wonderful Fortaleza attraction. You will not want to forget a stop here while seeing the sights of Fortaleza. It is a top thing to do in Fortaleza. Fortaleza tourism is all about fun and that is something that is never lacking at this popular beach.Praia da Coponga is a beach where fun is never an issue. With large sand dunes it is a popular area for riding ATVs and dune buggys. It is also featuring Falesias which is the miniature Grand Canyon. The sands are beautifully colored in a range of colors. The sands form this beach are often used to make sand art by locals. It is a busy beach where you will never run out of things to explore and do. The water is wonderful, too, a nice slice of the crystal ocean waves.