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    Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, and it is located in the Brasilia Federal District. Those who have an interest in architecture will have an enjoyable time in Brasilia, for many, if not most of the buildings in this city are futuristic and modern in design. The Palacio da Alvorada, the Complexo Cultural da Republica, and the Cathedral of Brasilia are three good examples of the building styles you will see. So well planned is the city that the discount hotels in Brasilia are in certain sectors of town.One of the top attractions in Brasilia is the Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial. This is a memorial to Brazils past president. The Palacio do Planalto is a government building that is very popular with tourists. The TV tower in Brasilia is one of the tallest of this type of tower in the world. Many head to the top to admire the view, which is spectacular. During the weekends, there are often street fairs at the bottom of the tower. The Cathedral Metropolitana, the Parque Nacional de Brasilia, and the Congresso Nacional are also tourist attractions that you will want to see. You can find budget hotels in Brasilia quickly by going to and looking through their hotel listings.