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    Campo Grande is the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul in the country of Brazil. The name Campo Grande means Big or Great Field. The city is nicknamed Cidade Morena, or Brown City. The soil in this area is reddish brown in color, hence the nickname. Tourists flock to Campo Grande, and one of the reasons is that the city is an ideal point of departure for many other destinations in Brazil. However, Campo Grande does have some attributes of its own. Discount hotels in Campo Grande are welcoming, with courteous staff and inviting rooms.Several of the points of interest in Campo Grande are government buildings. The Dom Bosco Museum, aka the Indian Museum, is perhaps the best museum of Brazilian history and culture in the entire country. Visitors who would like to get in a bit of exercise should head over to the Parque do Prosa. A city park that is centrally located, Parque do Prosa features running tracks. There are also several lakes in the park as well as several restaurants. Other attractions include the Solar do Baís, or Pensão Pimentel, Campo Grandes first building. Today, this structure is a cultural center and tourist office that includes a restaurant, which serves regional fare. Budget hotels in Campo Grande on will surprise you with their low room rate.