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      Belo Horizonte Details

      Even though it doesn't have any of the beaches that Brazil is famous for, Belo Horizonte is nonetheless one of the most beautiful cities in the country and a great place to visit for a vacation. This city is the third largest metropolitan area in Brazil, and it enjoys a strong South American culture with a tremendously active nightlife. There's also plenty of examples of modern Brazilian architecture and landscaping, such as the Sao Franciso de Assis Church, Liberty Square, and Municipal Park. Hotels in Belo Horizonte are located on busy grids that put you right where all the famous attractions are along with the excitement that goes with them.

      One of the places you should go in Belo Horizonte is the downtown area. Here you can find the Plaza of the Pope, which provides an amazing view of the entire city. One of the most famous recreational spots, known as Mangabeiras Park, is located here as well. It's so huge that it has its own bus service and plenty of animals, such as monkeys and other animals, that have made it their home. Even though the city is rich with life, you don't have to be rich to visit it. Just compare discount Belo Horizonte hotels with and make a reservation online to save you time and money.