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        Paraiba is a Brazilian state in the northeastern section of the country. Out of all the locations in Brazil, Paraiba is the lone spot where the first sunrise can be observed. It is nestled in between Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte, two very popular Brazilian states for historic sightseeing and experiencing the pleasure of beach activities. Paraiba is a place that has both wonderful beaches and many historical sites to explore. A holiday here will truly give you the best time that this area of Brazil has to offer. You will find cheap hotels in Paraiba that will truly surprise you with the quality accommodations they are able to offer for such a reasonable price.Paraiba has quite a few attractions that most people who visit this country want to experience as part of their Brazilian journey. These include the Santo Antonio Monastery, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Cultural Center, the Nossa Senhora do Carmo, and the Jesuit College and Convent. You can find budget hotels in Paraiba that are within walking distance of many different attractions and venues.