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      The southern region of Brazil contains Curitiba, which is the capital of the state of Parana. This city boasts the largest population of its region, with over 1,797,408 residents. It also enjoys having the strongest economy in the area as well. These two things combine to provide tourists a great place to stay among numerous budget Curitiba hotels while being treated to quality dining, a great cultural atmosphere, and an engaging nightlife.Being such a large city, Curitiba has some very impressive attractions. Visitors can visit the Botanical Garden, where they can stroll along the park paths and see beautiful landscaping. There's Japans Square and the Wire Opera House that represent ethic diversity and amazing architecture. Plenty of hotels in Curitiba are located in all the right spots so you don't have to travel very far to reach the best attractions in the area. lets you make reservations at a Curitiba hotel of your choice in advance, removing concerns you may have about finding a place to stay after traveling to the city.