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    You can enjoy the famous coastline of southern Brazil when visiting Angra dos Reis. This city overlooks the Bay of Ilha Grande, which is noted for having no less than 365 islands. As a municipality of Rio de Janerio, the local environment is rich with lush vegetation that is colorful and exotic to tourists unaccustomed to this region. For example, the Guandu and Piraí rivers run through the local area. Hotels in Angra dos Reis provide accommodations that make it easy to enjoy staying here and visiting local attractions without spending too much money.What's interesting about this place is that the city has the only operational nuclear power stations that can found in Brazil. Named Angra I and Angra II, these stations are impressive in themselves for technology buffs and people generally interested in unique facts about the cities they visit. Angra dos Reis is known for providing easy access to a large number of beaches that are found on the islands scattered in the bay. The Angra dos Reis hotels available can be reserved with, which is a convenience that you can't afford to miss.