Hotels in Paqueta Island / Ilha de Paqueta

            Paqueta Island / Ilha de Paqueta Details

            In the middle of Guanabara Bay is the tropical oasis of Paqueta Island. It is one of the popular activities in Brazil for natives and international tourists alike. Just getting to Paqueta Island is a treat. Simply take a relaxing boat ride from Rio De Janiero across the bay to Paqueta Island. The island is free from all motorized transportation and all movement is done by foot, bike or horse-drawn carriage.Native trees are abundant and you can find wonderful shells on the beach. The bay water is warm and perfect for swimming. Watching the Paquesta Island sunsets are among the most beautiful things to do in Brazil. Paqueta Island is part of Rio de Janeiro and you can see the beautiful skyline of Rio while you relax on the quiet get-away that is so close to the central city. So, on your next visit to Rio de Janiero be sure to check out this piece of paradise.