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          The Rio Grande do Notre capital is Natal, founded on Christmas day in 1599. This northeastern state has a population of approximately 800,000 people. Whether they spend a month of just a weekend, Natal, called the City of the Sun, is the perfect destination spot for people who enjoy sun, palm studded beaches, white sand, and warm weather. makes it easy for visitors to find Natal cheap hotels or the top rated hotels in Natal. Many Natal hotels offer beach service along with some discount hotels. Natal tourists will find a large selection of convenient locations to stay while visiting.The oldest and coziest shopping centre is the Natal Shopping Centre, which is a very popular visitor attraction with approximately 100 shops, restaurants, and a very large play park. Natal's largest museum is the Museum Câmara Cascudo, which has many exhibits that include archeology, anthropology, and zoology. On the Rio Potengi banks in the Ribeira district is the Natal harbor, which is an interesting tourist attraction while a little further south is the central Natal area were visitors find many of the historic buildings