Hotels in Italia Building

    Italia Building Details

    Architectural beauty is a high point of Sao Paulo tourism. The Sao Paulo attractions that feature great design and artistic insight are wonderful additions to your things to do in Sao Paulo. When taking in the sights of Sao Paulo you will not want to miss out on the Italia Building. This is a popular Sao Paulo attraction that is breath taking and fun.

    The Italia Building is 47 stories tall. It measures 538 feet in height. When you are on the roof of the building you will have an amazing view of the city below. The Italia Building was built in 1956. It was built with the help of Italian immigrants, which the building was named in honor of. It used to be the tallest building in Sao Paulo but in recent years newer buildings have been built throughout the city, however, the Italia Building is still an architectural masterpiece.

    Address: Av. Ipiranga, 334, República, São Paulo SP, 01046-010, Brazil