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      When you go shopping in Blagoevgrad, the best place to begin is the main square called Makedonia. The town center is a lively bustling placed filled with businesses and shops. When you spend a weekend in Blagoevgrad, you can take some time to visit the History of Museum which is near Makedonia. There are other Blagoevgrad attractions also such as the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin.Blagoevgrad tourism encompasses both the city of Blagoevgrad and Sofia. Buses run every day carrying people between the 2 cities so you can easily take a day jaunt into Sofia if you want to do some additional exploring. Another one of the Blagoevgrad sights you wont want to miss though is Forest Park which is quite large and offers an opportunity to enjoy Bulgarian countryside and preserved ancient forests. The Blagoevgrad culture is one of preservation and appreciation for history and the natural surroundings. Its a sophisticated university town that values heritage. Other things to do in Blagoevgrad include visiting surrounding towns like Dupnitsa or riding the train on a leisurely trip around the area.