Hotels in Sinemoretz

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Sinemoretz Details

The beautiful village of Sinemoretz, situated in the Stranzha Mountain lowlands, six kilometers south of Ahtopol, sits in the center of a natural reserve and is perfect for nature lovers. Its beautiful south beach is the busiest because of its easily accessible by car and its food and pubs. The north beach is more difficult to access with its dirt road. When spending a weekend, Sinemoretz visitors enjoy its beauty and nature. Hotels in Sinemoretz and surrounding areas, including the Sinemoretz cheap hotels, are easy to locate using There are Sinemoretz hotels overlooking the spectacular coast, while the discount hotels Sinemoretz have available make a visitors stay enjoyable.Not far from Sinemoretz in Bourgas is the Historical Museum, which represents the towns development up to the twentieth century and includes a wonderful renaissance collection of icons, old books, and other exhibits. The Archeological Museum is a wonderful place to explore with its exhibitions of mediaeval culture, sea navigation, Greek colonization and more. South beach is perfect for visitors wanting to swim and enjoy the sun and sand.