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      Sozopol is a small Bulgarian town, just south of Burgas, with a population of only about 7000. Sozopol is rich in history, however. Originally inhabited by Greeks, as early as the 6th century, BC, and then later by the Romans, this original fishing village offers plenty of insight into its history. Visit the necropolis, where excavations still go on. You can see a large collection of urns and other tools here. In addition, there are more than 45 monuments all over the city that can tell the stories of the original settlers. Then, move on to the beautiful churches, such as the Holy Virgin Church and St. Zosim for a taste of the town’s religious history. Discover the town’s history as a fishing village by visiting the original houses of Dimitur Laskaridis, one of the original fish traders. Today, his houses host a variety of art and a tribute to the fish trade.No trip to Sozopol would be complete without visiting the beautiful beaches. Tsar’s beach is the most famous, and is located north of town. But, Paradise Bay and Harmanite Beach, both south of town, are beautiful as well. For booking your visit, there are many Sozopol hotels to choose from. The old part of town offers older and more elegant hotels, while most of the budget Sozopol hotels will be found in the newer part of town. Regardless of your lodging preferences and budget, can find you a great place to stay in beautiful Sozopol.