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      Plovdiv is one of the most important cities of Bulgaria. Being the second biggest city of the country, it maintains a high level of cultural and economic relevance to the region, which makes it an excellent site for tourism as well. Visitors can take in a great amount of beautiful scenery and visit fascinating structures, such as the Plovdiv Roman Amphitheatre, which was built around the 2nd century. The St. Louis Catholic Cathedral and the Virgin Mary Church also represent architecture from earlier periods, but these buildings are fairly newer than Roman creations.There's some fascinating buildings in Plodiv. The Ethnographic Museum resides in the city, and is a fascinating place to go and see over 40,000 objects. There's even the Plovdiv Art Gallery that has items of equal cultural value. If you don't want to spend a lot of time getting around, you can reserve a hotel in Plovdiv that is close to the best attractions. You can do this through which allows you to search for discount Plovdiv hotels and look at how they're rated in terms of cost and quality.