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Shumen is a historic town in Bulgaria. It lies halfway between Veliko Tarnovo and Varna. The archaeological ruins in these places date back to ancient times. Probably the most popular attraction is the Madara Horseman of Preslav, ten kilometers east of Shumen. This is a mysterious bas-relief carved into a rockface at a height of 95 meters. It depicts a rider whose horse is trampling a lion with the help of a greyhound dog. The carving is so eroded, its outlines can be seen only in the light of the setting sun. The age of the carving is uncertain, but it dates at least to the 8th century. Be sure to visit Preslavs Archaeological Museum.Shumen has some interesting sites of its own. Along the Boulevard Slavyanski you can see a blend of stately Central European and chic modern architecture. In the towns History Museum there are displays of relics dating back to the Bronze Age. These include bone-carved idols, silverware, and a reconstructed war chariot. Another interesting attraction is the Panaiot Volov Memorial House, a museum that was the home of a Bulgarian hero. Also see the home of Pancho Vladigerov, Bulgarias leading composer.