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If you are planning a visit to Shumen, Bulgaria, you will find a larger, more modern city than in other portions of the country. The city itself is in the northeastern area of the country in the Shumen Province. It has a population of approximately 103,000 people. Its proximity to Varna, a popular tourism destination and government city, makes Shumen an important destination for many travelers. For those looking for affordable hotels in Shumen, Bulgaria, there are numerous options to select from most times of the year. Many stay in Shumen for its affordability and then travel to Varna.When you arrive in the city, do take the time to visit the Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria, which depicts the history of the country from its very start. Visitors may also wish to visit the Shumen Fortress, a historical monument dating to the medieval times during the Bulgarian Empire. Also, stop in for a visit at Madara Horseman, a World Heritage Site dating to 710 AD. Staying near these attractions is easy even if you hope to find a cheap hotel in Shumen, Bulgaria when you use to find your Shumen accommodation.