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        You can spend a great weekend in Varna going to the beach, visiting historical ruins, or attending a summer festival, or all three. Varna tourism is very active and offers something of interest for everyone. There are many Varna attractions that offer fascinating insight into the Varna culture and history. You can visit the 2nd Century Roman Thermae ruins or the Archaeological Museum with over 100,000 artifacts. Other Varna sights include the huge 1880 Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin and the National Naval Museum. The world renowned Varna Summer International Festival showcases various kinds of music and ballet. Of course, when you visit Varna a shopping trip should be on the agenda too. You could spend several days just shopping in Varna at the many shopping centers and marketplaces. When you visit Varna, you should also take advantage of the numerous cultural activities such as those found at the Varna Opera House or the Open-Air Theater.