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        Euxinograd Palace Details

        The beautiful Euxinograd Palace was originally built by Tsar Ferdinand in the late 19th century and annexed by the Communist Party in 1946. Today, the Palace is open to the public, with the first floor open as a reception hall and dining room. Also used as a Presidential and Cabinet retreat, the palace has an impressive wine cellar in the basement which still produces excellent wine. The grounds also encompass a large park with hundreds of varieties of plants from all over the world.Euxinograd Palace is located outside of downtown Varna, about 8 kilometers east. In the same area, you can find the Nicholas Copernicus Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium, the famous bungee-jumping bridge Asparuhov Most, and for those who love to shop, Mall Varna.

        Address: Sv. Konstantin and Elena, Euxinograd, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria

        Phone: +359 52 393 140