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      Spanning the eastern edge of the Jasper State Park, Hinton is a small town located in the Canadian province of Alberta. Some call it a sports lover’s dream town, and it’s quite true that Hinton has much to offer to the athlete and sportsman. The activities that are popular in Hinton include, and are by no means limited to, swimming, skiing, both snow and water, fishing, hiking, canoeing, golf, hockey, and soccer. The recreation trails for walking and hiking are extremely well maintained, and some area hotels can even provide you with a trail guide when you are their guest. If you are not an experienced hiker, head on over to the Hinton Visitor Center and pick up one of the guides that can tell you which trails are more difficult, how long a trail takes to walk or hike to completion, and where to go to access these trails.The Beaver Boardwalk in Hinton is great fun. You can watch the beavers build their dams while you also take in the beautiful views. This attraction is located at Maxwell Lake. Restaurants in Hinton serve local fare as well as cuisine from other countries. As Hinton is very popular, you may need to book your hotel in advance in order to be able to have a room during the busy seasons. You’re almost sure to want a discount room as well, and has been instrumental in helping travellers to find hotels at a big savings.