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The city of Keremeos, Canada is at the foothills of K Mountain, at the bank of the Similkameen River. It is in the Similkameen Valley, which allows this area to offer some of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in the region. The city founding was in 1860 when the Hudson Bay Company opened a trading post in the area. No matter why you are planning a visit, do check out some of the discount hotels in Keremeos, Canada.Today, many of the buildings that date back to the early 1900's are available for tours. Preservation of the buildings occurred to give the city an Old West feel to it. There are many fruit groves here and cattle ranching is one of the most important parts of the local economy. Visitors may find that the vineyards are a great place for a picnic or they may wish to do some mountain climbing. This welcoming city offers year round activities. Check out some of the cheap hotels in Keremeos, Canada to get started.