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On the East Coast of North America, you will come across Newfoundland, the sixteenth largest island in the world. Nature is abundant and varying landscapes can be found. Calming forests, rivers and beautiful lakes give visitors to Newfoundland a feeling of serenity and will help to create an unforgettable trip. If you are interested in historic sites, you may like to go on the Viking Trail, which visits old settlements and other places of interest. Here you'll enjoy slowing your pace and taking time to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery. Between May and July you can also watch the icebergs or even go on a boat ride from the north of the National Park to see them; a wonderful experience that you will never forget. If youre looking for some fantastic nightlife, you can be sure to also find that here; get dressed up and ready to go for a great night out. George Street in particular is known for its amazing bars, and youll be guaranteed a good time.