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Located in a verdant setting where outdoor activity is irresistible, Gatineau is a picture-perfect setting for a vacation. Both warm and cold weather sports are popular here. You can enjoy bicycling and the mountain biking that take place on mixed-use biking trails that are also perfect for hiking. Swimming, tennis, badminton, baseball, ice skating, hockey, and cross-country skiing are just some of the sports that are practiced in Gatineau. The Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Parc de la Gatineau are two more attractions that you want to be sure to see while you are in Canada.Gatineau has an interesting concept to keep people from scrawling graffiti art onto any flat surface they can find. Around 50 different walls and tunnels have been chosen as graffiti walls, and it is legal to paint on these to your heart’s content. Restaurants in Gatineau offer classic French cuisine, contemporary Italian cuisine, seafood, grilled food, and just about every other kind of food you can think of. Budget hotels can be found in Gatineau, but you will have the best luck in booking a room in one of these hotels if you do it ahead of time. These hotels can best be located by taking advantage of the services offered by