Hotels in Lac-des-Plages

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Lac-des-Plages Details provides you with the resources and information necessary to help you plan your trip to Quebec. This includes helping you to find cheap hotels in Lac-des-Plages, Canada. The city is a town in the Outauoais region of Quebec. It is part of the Papineau Regional County Municipality. The city's name is French for Lake of Beaches. It is a reference to the numerous lakes in the city and the surrounding area. You may be planning a trip to enjoy those lakes. If so, choose one of the cheap hotels in Lac-des-Plages, Canada overlooking them.During the summer months, these lakes attract visitors from throughout the country. They come to fish and hunt, as well as to enjoy water sports like boating, water skis and swimming. During the winter months, visitors may enjoy ice fishing or even sledding. A small town, with a few quaint shops and eateries, is also located here. Visitors will find discount hotels in Lac-des-Plages, Canada available right here.