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The city of Lac-Etchemin, Canada is in Quebec. It is part of the Chaudiere Appalaches region and has a population of about 4100. It gets its name from the Etchemin Lake, which is located in the center of the city. Many come during the summer and winter months to enjoy the activities on the lake and throughout the city. If you are planning on visiting during either of these times, do plan to book your cheap hotels in Lac-Etchemin, Canada in advance.The city has a number of older villas, which became inns. When you arrive, visit the Charlevoix Casino or visit the Richelieu Golf Course. You can visit the historic Murray Bay Golf Course, too, which is 125 years old. Visitors may come for the kayaking, the fishing or even the skiing in the winter months. The city offers plenty of opportunities for visitors. You will even find discount hotels in Lac-Etchemin, Canada available to you.