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The picturesque city of Mont-Laurier, Canada is one that attracts visitors year round. The city is in the northwestern portion of Quebec on the banks of the Riviere du Lievre, which is a tributary to the Ottawa River. The city is home to more than 13,000 people. This number swells in the winter and summer months when tourism picks up. Those who are visiting during these times in particular will want to book discount hotels in Mont-Laurier, Canada in advance of their stay.When you arrive during the summer months, you will enjoy the hunting, leisure lifestyle and the fishing in this area. The local lakes and forests are teaming with animals. In the winter months, sledding, tobogganing and some skiing occurs here. Most of the city itself is agricultural and residential, though the tourism industry is growing. More shops and restaurants have begun to move in. Anyone will enjoy the landscape of this city. The cheap hotels in Mont-Laurier, Canada only make it that much better.