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          There are many things to do in Montreal. This city is actually a two part city. There is the modern side with the modern Montreal attractions and fun activities sin Montreal. Then there is Old Montreal, where history lives on. You will find that Old Montreal tourism offers a great look into the city of the past and tells how it has become the city of the present.Old Montreal, often called by its French name Vieux Montreal, is the oldest area of Montreal. It goes back to colonial times when the city was first established. Old Montreal is located in between McGill St, Saint Antoine St, Berris St and the Saint Lawrence River. The famous street, Rue Saint Paul, is a busy hot spot for night life. The thing that makes Old Montreal so special is that for many cities knowing the actually location of the first part of the city is something that can only be guessed at, but Old Montreals location is well known, exact and true.

          Address: 303 Rue Notre-Dame E, Montréal, QC H2Y 3Y8, Canada

          Phone: +1 514-872-8702

          Open hours: 10:00 am 6:00 pm