Hotels in Centre du Québec

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            The Centre-du-Quebéc occupies the St. Lawrence Plains. This area is quite rural, with the lands still divided into the old seigneurial system. Travelers to Centre-du-Quebéc can delight in discovering is a gently rolling landscape stretching up to the Appalachian Mountains. You can leave Centre-du-Québec hotels and wander through the Village Québécois d’Antan in Drummondville. This attraction recreates life in 19th century Quebec. You could also leave the region and take a side trip to Québec City with its old and new world charms. Centre du Québec is the kind of place where you could easily stay for a week or simply cut it short and only stay for a weekend. This delightful region has enough attractions for both types of stays. You can visit the Victorian houses of Victoriaville or the Sir Wilfird Laurier National historic Site in Arthubas. Saint Grégoire has a wonderful 19th century church to explore, and Québec City offers up both its old and new quarters.