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    Chile is an amazing place to visit in South America, and Temuco is certainly one of the finest cities it has to offer. Visitors to Chile constantly remark how surprised they were at the sheer variety of sites that the country has to offer. When you visit Temuco, youll want to book a budget hotel in advance with, so youll have somewhere to rest and plan your next excursion theres simply so much to do and see here, youll get overwhelmed otherwise!The Campanario Tower is one of Temucos most famous attractions, so it makes as good a place to start as any. The view from the top of the tower is wonderful, so it can even give you some idea of where youre going to want to head next. Most people would recommend the Temuco Cathedral for a glimpse of Temucos past and cultural heritage, so that you can better understand the trends that led to the amazing wares and goods being offered today in the Main Square of Temuco.