Hotels in General Carrera

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General Carrera Details

General Carrera is a province in the Aysen Region of Patagonia, Chile. The prominent feature of this province is Lago General Carrera. This is the second largest lake in South America, and it forms part of the border between Chile and Argentina, where it is called Lago Buenos Aires. The lake is stunningly beautiful. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it is usually a pastel blue. It is dotted with mound-shaped islands that have fascinating marble caves that local people call cathedrals. These are most easily accessed from the beach near Puerto Rio Tranquilo. If you are lodged in a discount hotel in General Carrera, take the time to visit the spectacular Glaciar Los Leones which juts into the lake just west of Puerto Rio Tranquilo.The capital of General Carrera province is the small agricultural town of Chile Chico. The ground here is still covered in ash from the 1991 eruption of nearby Volcan Hudson. There is a small museum in the Oficina de Turismo. It exhibits Tehuelche artifacts and fossils from giant mollusks, whales and other sea animals. The fossils were deposited thousands of years ago when this area was covered by sea. At the town fire station you can see a vintage fire engine. All around Lago General Carrera there are places that offer dramatic views of the lake. Your budget hotel in General Carrera is also not far from Reserva Nacional Lago Jeinimeni. This is a wilderness park with its own indigo lake.