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        Iquique is a province in the Tarapaca Region of Chile. It is also the name of the capital city. The city of Iquique has sometimes been called the Miami of Chile. People booking vacations in budget hotels in Iquique usually come here for the beaches. The city is divided between two distinct areas, the downtown and the oceanfront. The more modern part is the oceanfront, and it has been developed purely for tourism. The most popular beach is Playa Cavancha. A little farther away, and not quite as sheltered is Playa Brava.Downtown is the older part of Iquique. Its famous Pase Baquedano is now a pedestrian mall. You can travel to the stores and restaurants on an electric tram car. This is the location of the Museo Regional, which is housed in the 19th century building that was once the Tribunales de Justice. Exhibits here go back to prehistoric times. The Palacio Astoreca, built in 1904, is the most impressive Georgian style mansion still standing in Iquique. It is used as a museum and an art gallery. The Museo del Primer Cuerpo del Ejercito is a military museum, and it is extremely well kept in a historic building. Admission here is free. While you are enjoying your discount hotel in Iquique, be sure to check out the Zofri just to the north of town. This is a duty-free shopping mall.