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        Iquique is one of Chiles jewels, one of those rare cities where you can take in both ancient and modern culture, and enjoy simple natural beauty at the same time. When you first arrive, one of the things thats going to stand out the most is just how much the city is built around the natural features of the land, rather than fighting against them. This trend continues throughout the entirety of the Iquique lifestyle. A day trip wont suffice, so be sure to book a discount Iquique hotel with Municipal Theatre of Iquique is a great place to get a taste of local culture by catching one of many shows or exhibits that are constantly on display. What better way to know the people than to hear what stories they have to tell After that, rent a boat (with or without guide) and then head out on the Isluga and Cariquima rivers for a leisurely day in the sun and fun that only Chile can offer.