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          Llanquihue is a province in the southern part of the Los Lagos region of Chile. This province is known for its breath-taking natural beauty. It is the location of Chiles second largest lake, Lago Llanquihue. There are also four volcanoes: Calbuco, Puntiagundo, Osorno, and Cerro Tronador. If you are lodged in one of the comfortable budget hotels in Llanquihue, then depending on your location there are several communities you can get to either by road, or by taking a ferry ride across the lake.A good jumping-off place is Puerto Montt. This is a busy port city. If youre looking for cheap hotels in Llanquihue, youll find there is no shortage of them here. Puerto Montt was originally founded by German colonizers. In the old part of town you can see a restored 1872 Jesuit church with an impressive vaulted ceiling. In the Museo Juan Pablo II you can see artifacts that were excavated at Monte Verde on the outskirts of Puerto Montt. This is the oldest known human settlement in the Americas. The newer part of Puerto Montt is called Angelmo. Here you can get great bargains on arts and crafts at the feria artesanal. Angelmo is one of the best places in Chile to get fresh seafood. From Puerto Montt you can take several different excursions across the lake. The lake is usually calm, but the wind on deck can be quite strong.