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        Puerto Montt Details

        Puerto Montt is located in the Llanquihue province of the country of Chile. It is a port city, and overlooks the waters of both the Estuary and the Bay of Reloncavi. Many tourists consider Puerto Montt a good location to use as a sort of home base for taking day trips in and around this port city. However, Puerto Montt is a very interesting city in and of itself, with several attractions that those who come here will want to see. Nature enthusiasts will want to explore the National Parks in and around Puerto Montt. Fishing is possible in the parks as well as other sports such as swimming and hiking. Cheap hotels in Puerto Montt feature friendly staff, comfortable rooms, and an area close to public transportation choices.Puerto Montt is famous for its Llanquihue Lake beach, and in the summer, this area attracts many tourists. Horseback riding, windsurfing, sailing, rafting, canoeing, and kayaking are all popular in this location. Archaeological sites in Puerto Montt attract many visitors who are interested in this subject, while the German architecture prominent in the area invites perusal from those who enjoy the study of various types of structure. Discount hotels in Puerto Montt can be booked in a location near the lake, which will make a day of fun on the beach quite convenient.