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    Santiago Aquarium Details

    With all the splendors of the sea without the bulky oxygen tank, the Santiago Aquarium is a popular location among locals and tourists. The Santiago Aquarium is located in the capital city of Chile and benefits from its metropolitan location with large numbers of visitors and the experience of several experts in the fields of marine biology and other specialized fields. The Santiago Aquarium is home to several species of marine life from fish to marine mammals and is a well spring of knowledge for these species and their habitats. Activities engage visitors in topics such as conservation while remaining lively and interesting. The shows at the Aquarium from animals such as dolphins and sea lions display the capabilities and skills of such animals and show guests the importance of the animals in the wild.The Santiago Aquarium is a wonderful place to observe sea life that would other wise remain hidden beneath the sea. Children are enthralled by the variety of animals and the whimsical performances of residents.

    Address: Avda el Bosque Sur 139, Of 21, Providencia, Santiago, Chile