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    Club Hipico de Santiago Details

    Club Hipico de Santiago dates back to 1870 when horseracing was extremely popular among the elite class of Europe and other countries such as Chile. This is a thoroughbred racing course and one of the oldest in the country. Thoroughbred horses are considered best for racing. The breed dates back to the 17th century when English Mares were mated with Arabian stallions. The Club Hipico Santiago takes great pride in all of the horses raced here as well as its wonderful architecture. Designed by Josue Smith, Club Hipico de Santiago was inspired by the Long Champs, a famous French racecourse. In fact the parks and gardens that are found at Club Hipico take inspiration from the French baroque style which was popular during the time of construction. Today, Club Hipico de Santiago is no longer exclusive to the upper crust of Chile and is open to the general public.

    Address: Avda Blanco Encalada 2540, Región Metropolitana, Chile