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    Estadio Nacional de Chile Details

    The Estadio Nacional de Chile or the National Stadium of Chile is the largest stadium in the country and features a capacity of 65,000 but with the capability to host more. Styled after the Olympiastadion located in Berlin, Germany, this stadium is certainly impressive. Opened in late 1938, the National Stadium of Chile has undergone several renovations and upgrades throughout the years to create a modern complex that meets and exceeds any safety and comfort concerns. Though the stadium does have a shady history, being used as an internment for those who opposed the military regime in 1973, it is today, one of the most popular and important stadium in the entire country.Estadio Nacional de Chile is in Nunoa which is in the Greater Santiago area. Not only a stadium, but a sports complex complete with tennis courts, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool. For those visiting Santiago, catching a soccer match as the Estadio Nacional de Chile will be a real treat.

    Address: Grecia 2001, uñoa 02, Región Metropolitana, Chile