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    La Moneda Palace is the Presidential seat of Chile and is located in the capital city, Santiago. The construction of this building began in 1784 and was still ongoing when it opened in the early 1800's. Originally intended for coin production, in fact moneda means coin, governmental offices moved in during 1845 when the mint was still working. It was not until 1929 when the mint closed down, leaving La Moneda Palace to that of government officials. The Constitution Square, the breathtaking venue spreading out before the palace opened in 1930. Recently, in 2006, a new square, the Citizenry Square was opened. Both squares are divided by an avenue.La Moneda Palace is steeped in history, which can still be seen. Bullet holes that were preserved mark the military coup detat of the 1970's. During this time part of La Moneda Palace was destroyed and the president at the time, Salvador Allende committed suicide in the halls of the Palace. In 1981, restoration was completed and the addition of a bunker was added. La Moneda Palace is of great historical interest. Parts of Constitution Square are opened to the public and the entire area is simply astounding.

    Address: Moneda, Región Metropolitana, Chile

    Phone: +56 2 2690 4000