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    Museo Interactivo Mirador Details

    The Museum of Interactive Mirador is an interactive museum aimed at the education of science and culture for the children of Chile. There are over 300 displays featuring science, arts and nature that are specially designed to entice and intrigue children and visitors of all ages. There are 14 rooms each with a different them that challenge visitors senses and imagination. Mechanics, history, and biology are just some of the themes covered in these rooms.The Museum of Interactive Mirador features several other amenities such as a 3D cinema, auditorium, and eating areas. Parents love the educational aspects of the museum while children delight in the models and displays that are specially designed for them. This museum is one of the most important of its kind in South America as it teaches children about science and engages them on a level that is accessible to them. The Museum of Interactive Mirador is located near downtown Santiago.

    Address: Punta Arenas 6711, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile