Hotels in Hefei

        Hefei Details

        The Chinese province of Anhui is very diverse, encompassing a large range of geographical features that makes it an interesting place to visit. Luckily, Hefei capital city is located in this area which allows you to stay close to all the most interesting sites and cities. Hotels in Hefei are cheap, and yet they're also nice places to stay. If you want to enjoy the North China Plain or the Huai He River, you can stay in a Hefei hotel and save money for traveling around the countryside.

        Hefei has some notable interesting attractions. Visitors who enjoy casual strolling will want to head to Liesure Ford, which is a public park that has been built on top the location of the famous historical Battle of Hefei. There's also the Temple of Lord Bao that was built in 1066. Hui Garden is beautiful, and it's a great place to appreciate Chinese landscaping and take photographs. If you want to find the best discount Hefei hotels and make a reservation quickly, has the tools and services you need to make it happen.