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      On any weekend in Beijing, you can spend many hours visiting some of the most recognized and beautiful architecture and museums in the world. Beijing is almost beyond description with its ancient history and elaborate customs exemplified in the temples and gardens. You could spend a week in the Forbidden City alone. As one of the most stunning of the Beijing attractions, the Gugong as its known in China, of the Ming and Qing dynasties is a world of museums, gardens, palatial residences, and of course, Tiananmen Square. Within the walled city now called the Palace Museum you will find many other Beijing sights such as the Halls of Harmony, the Imperial Flower Garden, the Nine Dragons Screen and the Palace of Heavenly Purity just to name a few.But there are many other things to do when you visit Beijing besides touring the Forbidden City. The Beijing culture is rich and diverse and goes back many well-documented centuries. Beijing tourism sights include the Summer Palace with its thousands of paintings and lush gardens, and the 15th century Temple of Heaven. Of course, when you visit Beijing you should also tour a section of the Great Wall built between 1368 and 1644. As if the elaborate gardens and temples were not enough, there are many modern shopping malls and small local shops you can buy beautifully made Chinese clothing and artistic treasures. While shopping in Beijing, try the local custom of bargaining, making shopping a fun experience and a chance to mingle with Beijing citizens. When youre ready to visit the fascinating city of Beijing, can help you plan the perfect trip.