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          Chongqing is an astronomical city, having a population of well over 31 million. It's one of the largest cities in China, and the largest provincial-level municipality in the country. If you want to see what urban life is like in the eastern country, then Chongqing has exactly what you need to give you exotic modern excitement. Hotels in Chongqing are very reasonably priced and provide you everything that's necessary to enjoy a luxurious stay in the big city.The major Jialing River runs through this city and leads into the Yangtze River. If you enjoy fantastic architecture, then be sure to stop and appreciate the Great Hall of the People, which lights up with a fantastic display at night. There's also the Dazu Rock Carvings here, and the Red Rock Village Museum too. If a hotel in Chongqing is what you need, you don't have to leave your computer to find one that suits your budget and schedule. brings everything to you that you need to book a room online and get your vacation started.