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          Situated on the coast of Southeastern China is the historical province of Fujian. This area is known for being quite beautiful, containing both the rich features of the mainland and the scenic qualities of the sea. Of course, the architecture and the history here are both equally splendid. The Guanghua Temple found within Putian is a testament to that fact. Two other temples worth visiting in this region are the Nanshan Temple and the Kaiyuan Temples. Mountains of interest include the world-renowned Mount Wuyi and Mount Tailao, each providing a unique sense of natural beauty that is unmatched.Having trouble looking for hotels in Fujian Well, you've come to the right place. has the greatest selection of Fujian Hotels and more. We provide a comprehensive database of hotels around the world, incorporating detailed information and user reviews. If you're looking for cheap Fujian hotels or a 5-star hotel, you can find what you need here.