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        Stretching across the northwestern region of China is the province of Gansu. It's here where tourists often find themselves falling in love with the splendor of natural China. You can find the Yellow River here, along with access to the incredible Huangtu Plateaus. The Jiayuguan Pass is featured in Jiayuguan city of this region, which is the largest entrance of the Great Wall that stands to this day. Another feature worth visiting is Bingling Temple, a Buddhist cave complex and a fascinating example of this incredibly historic religion.If you want to get the most out of your vacation to this region, then make certain to reserve a hotel in Gansu using It's here where you'll find the best selection of hotels anywhere in the world. You'll also find user reviews and information on what the hotels offer you. With, it's incredible simple and quick to reserve a Gansu hotel or any hotel for that matter. You might even say it's easy.